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ChiroTherapy has developed the medical advisory board with a vision to promote strategies in the advancement of health care. The Board consists of leaders in their perspective health fields ranging from nutritionists, chiropractors, primary care physicians, to medical specialists in varying fields of medicine.

Our vision of the Medical Advisory Board is...

  • To advance leadership in their perspective fields, as patient advocates, promoting high quality patient education, empowering patients to make the most appropriate health decisions
  • To provide comprehensive answers for the most concerning health questions
  • To promote the mission of ChiroTherapy
  • To promote appropriate referral systems in the advancement patient care
  • To contribute in the interactive features of ChiroTherapy

ChiroTherapy is fortunate to be affiliated with these leaders in the health care industry. We believe this adds a tremendous amount of integrity that ChiroTherapy strives to honor.


    Advice and Support on your health care concerns. Search our posted listings or submit your question. A member of ChiroTherapy's medical advisory board will answer your question, and will be reviewed by other members for comment before posting.