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ChiroTherapy makes it an important goal to continually update health information. We strive to find health care professionals who are experts in their particular field to contribute new and updated articles. We are very interested in including that expertise as part of our professional website. For contributing authors we offer attribution of authorship, brief overview of author’s background, links to your medical website, and a free initiation processing fee in becoming a professional affiliate of ChiroTherapy, LLC.

Our editorial process is designed to support the mission of To present unbiased, comprehensive, highly informative, and useful resources for understanding, preventing, and seeking appropriate treatment to particular health issues. To constantly acquire health information resources for physicians to educate their patients and promote improved patient understanding and compliance. ChiroTherapy strives to become the resource leader for current patient health information.

Accordingly, we request that all submitted documents from contributing authors be written to support our mission. Articles must be presented with specific health content, unbiased, and contain an appropriate balance between presentation of information and evidence based or cited literature. All submissions must contain verifiable information and proper citations. Any topic or opinion which may promote controversy must be clearly noted for the intended reader. The authorships of the submitted content must be written exclusively by a health care professional.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board. Editing processes, if needed, will be free of charge, and submitted back for your approval. In this, we can assure the highest standard of health content on


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