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Price: $119.99

Moller Back Support Pro
By Moller Back Support

Developed by a team of leading Orthopedic Surgeons at the University of Copenhagen, the Moller Back Support™ has been tested at leading medical facilities, such as Stanford University, U.C. Medical Center in San Francisco, UCLA and the METS Clinic.

With its full-torso shape the Moller Back Support™ provides much more "global benefits" (not just the lumbar region) by distributing your weight evenly over the entire spine.

This eliminates damaging pressure points, disc pressure, as well as maintains an open clavicle, critical for increased blood and oxygen flow.

Not only does the Moller Back Support™ provide low back comfort, it also significantly reduces:

Fatigue while seated Slouching Neck Strain Headaches Arm & leg discomfort Venus congestion